This short game was developed to explore a vision for a longer game about working in a gig economy during the era of pandemics.  In this top-down runner, your job is to deliver a package to the medical center before you run out of energy or hit viral overload. 

This game was built for the 'Vision' track in 8-Bits to Infinity's (Re)vision Jam 2 - the idea is to build a new prototype that shows a vertical slice of a full game with the intent to continue when the jam ends. Viral Load placed 4th in the Jam!

Enter/Space -> Start Game
W/UpArrow -> Move North
A/LeftArrow-> Move West
S/DownArrow -> Move South
D/RightArrow -> Move Right
R -> Restart
Esc -> Menu

All artwork and game play was developed by wrongdog studios, music is by Mini Vandal. 


Download 64 MB
Download 63 MB

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